What Our SEO Techniques Can Do For Your San Diego Busines

There can be no doubt about the fact that search engine optimization (or SEO, as it is commonly known) is the one way to make your San Diego based business grow from the average to the super successful. With our SEO tools and professional SEO specialists implementing those tools, you can take your enterprise up several levels.


The Four Principles of SEO

It is important to know what a good SEO expert can help your business to achieve. Search Engine Optimization is carried out by a specialist, professional or an expert. To explain, therefore, what Search Engine Optimization can do for a San Diego based business, we will look at the duties of an SEO specialist. First of all, our SEO experts implement the four principles of SEO – identifying the correct keywords, optimizing the website, optimizing inbound links and measuring results and repeating the process to get the highest traffic.

  1. Choosing the Correct Keywords
  2. The first thing that our SEO specialists will do for your business is to identify the correct keywords. This part of the implementation is probably the key to successful optimization. Our SEO specialists put in a great deal of research into analyzing which keywords are being looked for, which are the most competitive and which ones are likely to drive traffic and get you conversions.

  3. On-page Optimization
  4. Another vital thing that our SEO experts can do for your business is to format and use the text in a manner that search engines pick up for their listing. This is called on-page optimization. We will use title tags, description tags, meta tags, link alt text, image alt text, link anchor text and naturally body text in the appropriate manner to enhance the ranking of your business in San Diego on the major search engines. We will also take formatting issues such as the use of bold, italics, H1 and other H tags into consideration. The use of keywords is an important factor for our SEO specialists to determine. An inadequate number of keywords will ensure that the search engine does not list it in the results. If the use of keywords is too high, on the other hand, the search engine may view it as spam.

  5. Site Structuring
  6. The next point that our SEO specialists take into account is the site structure. The manner in which a site is structured and constructed can determine the way your business website fares in the search. One of the biggest problems faced in this regard is duplicate content. Though the search engines pick up duplicate content easily, it is essential that we examine this in the correct manner.

    An example of SEO site structure, from The Moz

  7. Off-Page Optimization
  8. Your SEO campaign will also need to undertake off-site optimization. This is especially helpful in the case of Google which places higher ranking on inbound or back links. Simply put, these are links to your page and sub-pages from other websites.

Evaluate your Performance

Of course, after the website has been optimized, we will measure how much traffic has been directed to your website and how much of this has resulted in conversions. While generating business is not the responsibility of the SEO specialists, we do have to analyze why the visitor came to the site, which search led to the best results and come up with a regular reporting of the SEO campaign performance.

So don’t hestitate – contact us today to find out how we can help your San Diego business begin to rank on Google’s first page!